Welcome to the 2017 Central Indiana Border Wars site

Coaches –

Welcome to the 2017 Central Indiana Border Wars Football Tournament!

· Registration – Open from approximately August 15 – October 10
· Coaches Meeting / Draw – October 14 or 15 (likely in Zionsville or Carmel)
· Opening Weekend (Pool Games) – October 21-22 ( approx. 75 games over 2 days split @ Brownsburg, Carmel and HSE/Zionsville)
· Bracket Play
       Weeknight Games (Mon-Thur) – Oct 23-26 (approx. 40 games at Center   Grove and HSE – Lighted fields)
       Final Four Games (Sat) – Oct 28 – (18 total games split between Center Grove and HSE likely)
       Championships (Sun) – Oct 29 – (9 total games at Center Grove)


What – Football tournament designed for Recreational League All-Star Teams in Grades 2 to 6.

When – Begins Saturday, October 21. Championship games on Saturday, October 29.

Divisions – We will separate each Grade into two divisions based on the relative size of your program. Class 2 (for larger programs) and Class 1 (for smaller programs). We would generally expect most 6A and 5A high school feeder programs to play in the Class 2 Division. However, the tournament committee will consider requests to be placed in a certain division on an as needed basis. In addition, if your program brings 2 teams to the tournament in a given grade, we will typically allow the 2nd team to be placed in the lower, Class 1 division. Full-time travel teams will be evaluated for participation by the tournament committee and will be required to play in the Class 2 large division (participation will be subject to consideration by the tournament committee).

Format - All teams will be guaranteed 3 GAMES. There will be two (2) pool play games the first weekend of the tournament. Teams will be seeded based on pool play results. Bracket play seeding will be set as follows: Pool play record, Head to Head Games, Point Differential (using a +/- 21 per game maximum), Points Allowed, then Coin Toss. Bracket play will be single elimination.

Entry Cost - $375/team. Gate fee of $5/family or $3/person. We will provide 3 officials for each game (approx. $150/game) in order to provide an outstanding football experience. Please understand that the entry cost does not cover the cost of officials, therefore a gate fee is required.

Locations –

Rules and Team Roster Forms – It is imperative that each team read and follow the rules of participation and complete the appropriate roster forms and information. Updated rules and roster forms have been posted to the Central Indiana Border Wars Tournament Website (www.indyborderwars.com). Each team will be required to provide a Jersey #, Birth Certificate, Grade Verification for each player. In addition, we are going to request a signed letter from your league president confirming that all players on the roster participated in the recreational league for your program. Players will be weighed in prior to their first game.

Game Play Rules – With the exception of specified rules that have been designed for this tournament, we will follow Indiana HS football rules in terms of clock operation, timeouts, etc. Please be sure to read the tournament rules and be familiar with certain items for each Grade/Division.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting – Coaches meeting and pool play draw will be held on Sunday, TBT at Zionsville High School. Tournament rules, pool play game draws, and questions will be discussed at that meeting. Pool play games will be drawn out of a hat and will be completely random. Please make sure a representative from your team is in attendance as we will discuss tournament rules and answer any questions.

Hey Parents,

For this tournament all schedule and score updates are being powered by a software called Tourney Machine.

Go to  http://www.tourneymachine.com/R14160 to view the schedule on your computer.
 To download the app on your mobile device go to  http://www.tourneymachine.com/R14160 on your phone

You can also follow your team and receive tournament updates (score postings, schedule changes and news) via text and email.

-Go to  http://www.tourneymachine.com/R14160 on your computer 
 -Click the green Notifications button
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Let us know if you have any questions about sharing your schedule and results.